Posted on 14-06-2008
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Well, I knew the time would come, and I have dreaded this dastardly time in my life to come, but I think after over 20 years of PC gaming, I am almost done with it.  Now, you did notice that I said “almost”, right?  I am not there yet, but I have seen the signs that the moment it is just around the corner.  

Please let me explain those signs a little further.  For the past week, as normal, I have sat down behind my PC at about 6-7pm CST, as I normally do almost 7 days a week, and contemplate what I want to do for the evening.  What games to play before 9-10pm CST, when two very good friends of mine normally appear on Ventrilo to play BF1942, and I sometimes come up a blank slate.  I normally end up watching a couple of old television programs from hulu.com, which is normally “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” or “Babylon 5”.  I watched the later series for the first couple of seasons, but lost contact after that, so I am starting the series from episode one and am going to watch them all.  I sort of like the science fiction type of television programs that came out in the 70’s and 80’s.  

After I watch about two episodes, I look through my wide variety of games to play and each and every one looks bland and somewhat unexciting to me.  Is that being just bored with PC gaming OR something deeper?  I also have caught myself not even signing onto the team’s Ventrilo till about 9pm CST, as well.  But on the other side of the coin there on that, when I play single-player games I definitely prefer to “lose myself” into the game and action, without any type of distractions too.  I have always been that way, and since I have been playing “Splinter Cell”, “Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow” and “HL2: Ep2” single-player games a lot within the past months, that is the reason why all of my friends have not seen me around much until about 9pm CST.  But now since I have finished those 3 games twice over, is when I have noticed my lack of interest in PC gaming.  Is this because there is no good titles worth playing on the market or is the dreaded “change in life” I have been referring to?  I still like playing BF1942, so don’t get me wrong here on that account, but everything else is unimportant to me and I catch myself watching more TV, on TV, more and more at night.  

Now some of these signs might be considered a strand of being in a state of depression, and that is probably true in a couple of senses of the word.  I have been battling with a roofing company to get started on replacing my 23+ year old roof, which has leaks when it rains, along with a household Air Conditioner which is on its last legs as well.  The later, the A/C, is no problem, I have a contractor that has given me a generous offer, and he will be accomplishing the replacement of my entire A/C-Heating System, but I do not want to schedule the A/C guys when I am expecting the roofers to come.  I believe they both would be in each others way, and the fact that I do not have that much parking spaces around my house to accommodate the amount of trucks or vehicles that are expected.  I was advised on Wednesday, June 11th,  from the roofing company’s owner that they should be able to start work on Monday or Tuesday.  If that comes true then I can call and have the A/C work accomplished on Thursday or Friday, or even on the next Monday or Tuesday.   I think that if I do not get a call from the roofing company by Monday afternoon, then I will tell them to not come around till the next week and go ahead and schedule the A/C Work for this coming week.  

So is my lack of PC Gaming drive be considered a “change of life”, a sign of a strain of depression over my domestic problems, or a combination of both?  I really cannot say myself, but playing PC games right now, other than BF1942, has almost grounded to a halt.  I also will not play BF1942 unless I am playing it with my friends, because I will not play it alone.  So what do you think?