Posted on 09-03-2008
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Attention on Deck!

“In popular culture, no machine of war comes to matching the mystery and allure of the submarine. For thousands of years men have breached the barrier between surf and shore with craft that plowed through the waves, but never below them. As ships progressed from rafts and canoes to triremes and galleons, to steamboats and dreadnoughts, all nautical invention and history were still literally scratching the surface. The submarine is the sole and true master of the sea”

– from the Introduction by Neal Stevens

Cast off All Bow Lines!

Just to let everyone know, and before going any further with this review, I must acknowledge something first. When I was originally asked by both the SimHQ Senior Editor and Neal Stevens of Subsim Review if I would review this book I was somewhat apprehensive since this was a new venture for me. I have never accomplished a book review ever. Well, other than in high school many, many years ago. But since I am always up for a challenge I decided to take this project on. I am not the least bit remorseful. As a matter of fact, when starting to read this fine collection of naval stories, I learned a lot from the writings from all of the authors, along with a little more understanding of what “true” submariners have and had to endure within these finely crafted undersea machines.

When you open the 2008 Submarine Almanac, you will discover that the stories range from fun-loving fiction to serious naval experiences to an actual diary which was kept by a World War I German U-boat commander. Several real-life veterans, including actual sub commanders of the submarine services in the U.S. Navy from the Cold War era and beyond make appearances. They deliver their experiences from their undersea careers. And the stories themselves seem to actually either transport you onto the deck of a sub or into the situation that is described by the author. It makes you feel you are witnessing each story as it happens and drives you to read further and further on for the next smile or chuckle that many of the stories provide the reader.

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