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To start out this story, I have to give everyone a short personal background.  If you read my story a couple of days ago concerning the Crysis system requirements, you know that I have been ‘online’ PC gaming since 1998.  Yes, I know what some of you are thinking, an adolescent when it comes to PC gaming, as I have heard, however, I am true to a specific game type.  That game type is First-Person Shooters or FPS for short.   I have immense knowledge of FPS games and own many titles of that genre, one of those being the Battlefield Series.

bf1942.jpgWhen Battlefield 1942 was released in September 2002, I was like a “kid in a candy store” when I walked into my local PC Game Store and this title caught my eye sitting high on the display rack.  That will be a day that I will hate for the rest of my gaming life.  Why do I say that?  Because that particular series of games has caused me many heartaches over the last 5 years since I decided to purchase it.  That game has cost me countless hours of time away from my family, friends, and something very simple as valuable sleep.  When I would start my nightly playing, it was hard for me to stop, till I was forced to by a family member sometimes holding a butcher knife in her hands.  As I said, I will remember when these games were put out. 

bf1942rtor.jpgSince I was sort of a history buff in 2002, and the World War II era of PC games were just coming out, Battlefield 1942 was the perfect game since it had everything that I liked.  It had both a worthwhile Single-Player game, along with a very rewarding Multi-Player component that elevated the competition between me and my gaming friends.  Yes, as many games are, it took several patches for the experience to be complete, but when they finally got it right, it was a game to be reckoned with.  I was so happy when The Road to Rome expansion pack came out, because with that release, it even got better.  My personal FPS gaming needs was so satisfied that I had finally more maps, weapons, and gear to play with on-line with my gaming friends. 

desertcombat.jpgEverything was great in my BF1942 world until the release of a mod named Desert Combat.  That completely changed my total outlook on playing BF1942.  I could not believe that they could make a modern combat game, from a World War II designed one.  I wasted many nights playing that darn game that I eventually passed up the next expansion pack to BF1942, named Secret Weapons of WWII.  I was completely “hooked” on the modern weaponry, tanks, armored personnel carriers, artillery, and the flyable aircraft & helicopters that Desert Combat provided me. 

bfvlogo1.jpgEverything was excellent until the arrival of the next game in the series, Battlefield Vietnam.   That game held a special place in my heart as I grew up in that era of the Vietnam War.  When it came out in March 2004, I had to purchase it because that was the time in my life that molded who I am to this day.  No, I am not a “draft dodger”, I proudly served my country, the USA, in its military for many years, the first part during the latter stages of that War.  But back to the game of “BFV“, I can say truthfully that it was not perfect, in any aspects of the word, but what PC game is.  It served its purpose for being an inviting environment for make believe battles with an enemy that was very elusive and cunning.  On a side note, I still play BFV today, and I still completely enjoy it like when it was first released.  I have even got some of my gaming friends to load BFV up again on their machines and we play it normally about 3-4 times a week.  Also today the gaming group that I am associated with, the JGC, has a Battlefield Vietnam Coop Server for which I proudly manage, and it is my primary PC game right now to the despair of some of my squad mates.

battlefield2box.jpgNow back in June 2005, a game named Battlefield 2 made its dynamic arrival into this series.  This game brought us modern combat, modern air & ground vehicles, in worldly locations around the globe, and brought with it a new aspect of gaming called STATS.  What is Stats, it is personal statistics that is compiled while you are playing on official EA partnered BF2 “Ranked” Servers.  These “stats” are everything that you do while you are playing BF2 on those servers.  I will not go into everything that stats encompass, because it is basically everything you do while playing.  Even though the game still has a great following, I personally believe that this aspect of the game will ultimately be its downfall.  The game taunts “teamwork” within a squad, but how can that be accomplished when lots of players are ONLY thinking about their “personal” performance because they are ONLY thinking about furthering their own ranking?

70100_mb_75.jpgTo add to the series, EA released its first expansion pack to Battlefield 2 in November 2005, named Special Forces.  It was a good title, but not a great one.  Players today seem to still prefer the original maps over the maps released in that expansion pack.  Special Forces did introduce several new weapons, aircraft, and devices to use, but I really don’t believe it actually made that much an impact within the BF2 community as a whole.  I purchased it, and did play it many times with my group, but it never gained my interest, because I always found myself going back and playing on servers that ran the original BF2 maps. 

70101_mb_75.jpg70109_mb_75.jpgIn March 2006, EA Games released to the Battlefield 2 Community a small “Booster Pack“, as EA called it, named Euro Force.  The expansion, at the time, was only available to the public by download from EA’s own “EA Downloader” game delivery service at a monetary price of $9.99.   That personally turned me off on getting this game since I want a disk with my games, and that service did not provide one.  Then again in June 2006, EA Games released another “Booster Pack” named Armored Fury, for which again was only offered through the EA Downloader Game Delivery Service, for which I again refused to get it that way.  However, early in 2007, EA Games finally released both of these “Booster Packs” commercially or retail packaged to the public, for which, I did go out and purchased them both together.  They gameplay and the maps provided in both were OK, but were not spectacular in my opinion.

ltbaaioavd.jpgIn October 2006, EA Games launched Battlefield 2142.  Well I am sorry to say that my travels through the battlefield have ended with the release of that title.  I was a member of the Beta Testing team and played the demo, however, the feel of the game for me personally was not there, and since EA was continually bolstering about “team play“, and still providing those damn “stats” upgrades, I chose to take a pass.  But today I am still completely enjoying the first two editions of the Battlefield series, BF1942 & BFV, that they will give me hours and hours of gaming joy for some time to come. 

I did not envision me saying this, but Thank You EA for at least those first 2 Battlefield Games EA!

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