Posted on 29-10-2007
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Well here we are in the year 2007 and the release of a PC Game named Crysis is causing an enormous stir within the PC gaming community due to its elevated “minimum” system requirements.  I always read in many website forums, that I frequent on a daily basis, that many PC Gamers are upset that their once “high and mighty” PC is now just a mediocre system at best, and cannot play this game we call Crysis.  Gamers around the globe are saying that they only built their system last year and should be able to play any game on the planet, but are driven to their knees and given a severe dose of “reality” that their beloved system is not good enough to run one simple game.  Well I have to personally say, “Wake Up and Smell the Reality”; PC gaming within the next year or two is only going to get tougher on your adored PC.

Only speaking about myself, I have only been PC gaming since the year 1988.  I know what you are thinking already, that “old guy” must me “losing it” already after gaming for that long.  Well in one sense of that word I might be, I know I have lost some of my tremendous speed in the movement of my mouse, keyboard & joystick at times, but I still have the tactics, experience, and something called patience that gives me “the edge” over some gamers.  I have witnessed through the years many gamers, within a FPS (First-Person Shooter) game rush into a room or open area like a so-called “Rambo”, while I stand back assess the situation, think it over, and then go in and neutralize the enemy that just took out that impatient “Rambo”. 


Well I guess you want to know why I brought all this up.  Well I will start at the beginning of my PC gaming “career”.  Back in 1988, I purchased my first PC exclusively for gaming.  That PC was a machine called a Commodore Amiga 2000.  I was so proud of that machine back then because it was purposely built to be a gaming machine and the piece of equipment was in its time.  The IBM and IBM clones that stores were selling back then could not match the color schemes and the video performance of the Amiga.  In 1988-1991, it was the Cadillac of gaming machines, at least in my meager mind anyway.  Computer Stores kept on popping up selling software for the Amiga, and the machine sold like hotcakes wherever it was available.  It was sad time for me back in 1994 when I finally “retired” that grand old PC for a new pc that ran a new operating system called “Windows”.  (On a side note to this paragraph, I have to say I still have that “historic” machine today, along with all of its software that I collected over those years.)

So I guess you are now wondering where I am going with this aren’t you!  Well since that year 1994, I have personally purchased, sold, upgraded, given to needy relatives, and donated to different charities many PC “gaming rigs” that I was once also was very proud of during their short lifetimes.  I, along with other sad PC enthusiasts, also thought that my “current PC gaming behemoth” would “prevail over the test of time”, but unfortunately they did not.  There was always this darn new PC game sitting on my local department stores display shelf that I wanted to play but could not because my current PC could not run it because of one thing or another.  So when I read those forum comments, which I keep seeing again and again about the “minimum system requirements” for Crysis, I truly want to tell them that “I TRULY FEEL YOUR PAIN“. 

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